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We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the LEADING manufacturers of NEW TECHNOLOGY PLASTIC PIPES (PVC-O) from PARVATI AGRO PLAST, Sangli, Maharashtra. Oriented Poly Vinyl Chloride (O PVC Pipe) with homogenous Spigot is a new-generation polymer product used in pumping mains for high pressure water conveyence.

PVC-O Class 500 Pipes are technically superior to any piping system confirming to BIS 16647:2017/ISO 16642:2014/AWWA/DIN/DS/WRAS and costing less on projects due to its best qualities. Adopting PVC-O Class 500 Pipes in water Board and other Schemes will reduce the cost of project at least by 20-40% wherever high pressure pipes are required in Design (10kg to 25kg pressure pipe) without compressing design quality or material quality and ensuring long term sustainability of piping system

Ease in installation and handling is one of the major characteristics of OPVC technology. OPVC stands out to be high performance, cost effecting and GREEN solution for water supply. Lowest carbon emission and ORGANIC based stabilizer have categorized OPVCs as a GREEN PRODUCT.

OPVC  being the higher material specification than PVC having 50 MRS and 70MPa, which ensures that life of OPVC extends to a lot further than 100 year. More life expectancy of DI pipes being 75 years as against that of OPVC is more than 100 years, more than DI pipes. As long as it is laid down properly, installed and designed properly, it has been observed that OPVC life expectancy extends to more than 100 years. The same has been concluded into universally accepted internationally researched publications which have been enclosed herewith.


  • Now available from 110mm to 630mm dia,-12.5kg,16kg,20kg and 25kg pressure rating.
  • Lower Weight:Compared to PE 100 Pipes – 2.5 Times lower weight and DI pipes – 8 times lower weight
  • Higher DI: There Pipes have Higher ID compared to PE 100 and DI pipes, ALLOWING MORE FLOW OF WATER.
  • FLOW OF WATER: C-150 allows more flow of water.
  • Lower WATER HAMMER EFFECT: Due to its ductility, OPVC pipes are safest pipes at adverse negative pressure.
  • Easy Installation: Push fit joint easy and fast.no welding, no solvent cement, and no leaks at all.
  • Areas for installation: Can be installed on hilly slopes, forest areas, high water table areas, in all terrain OPVC pipes can be laid easily. Due to its lightness and Push fit joints, up to 315mm no heavy equipment required to lift pipes.
  • Lowest carbon Emission: Carbon emission is the least out of all piping systems.
  • Green Product: No heavy metals in pipe, most GREEN PRODUCT.
  • Lowest Pumping cost or energy cost: These pipes have lowest pumping and energy cost C150 and higher ID.
  • On long Installation: Up to 22deg, no bend is required as pipe is flexible enough to take the bend.
  • Faster in Installation: Compared to any other piping system, these pipes are faster to install whereby reduce project completion time and cost both.
  • Installation Trenches are normal excavation : No need for concrete bed like GRPF pipes, joints are push joints, no need for welding like PE pipes, Being Light weight 8 times lower weight than DI pipes, no heavy equipment’s required to install up to 400mm pipes expect trenching.
  • OPVC specials: These are available which cost less than DI specials like bends, service joints and reducers.
  • Homogeneous socket: The main Specific Feature which is an add-on of the technology we promote is homogeneous single-process socketing at the time of orientation. Socketing at the time of orientation enhances the strength of socket, equaling it to that of PVC-O pipe.
  • Push-fit joints: this technology provides push-fit joints with Anger Lock EPDM rubber with PP Lip confirming to ISO Standards.
  • Length: 6meters including socket. Diameter wise overlapping lengths are respectively 110mm – 02.92%, 160mm – 03.33%, 200mm – 03.75%, 250mm – 04.50%, 315mm – 05.42% and 400mm – 06.25%
  • Pipes Sustainability: Pipes shall convey water under variable temperature conditions ranging 1Deg C to 45Deg C.

In short PVC-O pipes are a cost-effective, technically competitive piping system for raising mains for water supply, irrigation, high-pressure sewage system, industrial fire nets, and infrastructure water nets.



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