Parvati DWC pipes are Double wall corrugated pipes made with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material. They are externally corrugated and have a glass smooth surface inside. DWC HDPE Pipe have very high strength because of its design, are economically viable, have a very long life expectancy, and enumerable environmental benefits that make them the most suitable pipes for underground sewerage and drainage applications.

DWC HDPE pipe is used all over the world as a standard in efficient waste water collection and transportation networks for the last 40 years. These DWC HDPE pipes help municipal bodies, urban conglomerates, agricultural drainage, and industries to manage their waste water and rain water very efficient. Parvati pipes once installed are maintenance free, which allows it to lie underground for years. Such a system will not only protect the environment but also your investment.

Manufacturing is done through a comprehensive environmentally friendly process certified by Indian Standard IS 16098-2 CPHEEO, The Central Government Environment and Engineering Policy Making Body. Has also recommended the use of Double Wall Corrugated pipes (DWC pipes) for Indian Sewerage and Drainage applications which is included in the latest manual.


  • 95% lighter than Concrete pipes
  • 100% Recyclable at the end of its usable life.
  • 1 KM of 500 Parvati pipes can be transported in 8 trucks. Reduces transportation cost by 40% or more.
  • 30% lower annual amortized costs as compared to Concrete pipes.
  • 3 times longer life compared to Concrete Pipes.
  • 2.4 times longer in length, fewer joints to ensure better leakage protection.
  • Col emissions for Concrete pipes are over 3 times that of plastic pipes.

Applications OF DWC Pipes

Sewerage Projects

  • Highly corrosion resistant therefore ideal for long applications in adverse conditions

Effluents disposal and Industrial drainage

  • Ideal especially in trine constrained industrial construction activities.

City & Urban Clusters

  • Simple and fast installation, easier handling and transportation whichovercomes social environmental issues with underground pipe installations.

Domestic & AC Vents, Garbage Chutes

  • Multifarious indoor use providing reliable and economical solutions.

Highway and storm drainage

  • Anti-leakage couplings create maintenance free drainage corridors. Earthquake prone areas with high tectonic movements

Rainwater drainage

  • Easy drainage systems for agriculture, highways, cities and metropolitan areas.

Shallow and drainage

  • Ensures high strength casing protection for tube well pipes.


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